Limit Break is back, and better than ever!

Zodiark - Shirogane - Ward 15 - Plot 30

House Rules

1. - Discrimination will not be tolerated.
2. - Behave appropriate depending on each Situation.
3. - Looking for Party and Looking to meld Materia Icons are reserved for Staff members.
4. - Hide your Minions and Weapons and do not spam Spells.
5. - Respect the Staff and follow their Instructions.

Limitbreak offers the services of our professional Dancers to you.
All services provided only go as far as our Staff is comfortable.
Services not listed here can be discussed with the Dancers and booked if an agreement has been reached.
It is possible to rent multiple Dancers at once, please contact that Events managing Staff.
We do not offer 18+ services to Lalafell Customers.

Limit Break 1100.000 GilSpend some time dancing and chatting with one of our charming Dancers.30. Min.
Limit Break 2175.000 GilReceive a more daring and intimate dance.30. Min.
Limit Break 3(Starting at) 250.000 GilAn intimate, private and lust filled experience.1 Hour.

Work in Progress